About "It's A Mystery, Maybe !"

"It's A Mystery, Maybe !" follows an uneccesarily fluffy eevee and a weird looking glaceon as they try to register for a team of some kind. While these two previously existed over on another blog ("Maybe It's An Eevee" on tumblr) there is no real pressure to know anything about them or the blog beforehand. Mystery reads as a new story and you can just jump straight in. It will basically be a series of short stories and some light hearted fun.

About "Maybe It's An Eevee"

"Maybe It's An Eevee" was a small doodle blog that happened to cross paths with the daily pokemon community on tumblr back in 2017. It was mostly for jokes and fun and I enjoyed the interactions between the other blogs. It's still available to read online on tumblr if ever you're interested over on maybe-eevee.tumblr.com but there was a huge upheaval regarding tumblr the website a couple of years back and some posts may or may not have been lost in the process.

Not familiar with pokemon ?

That's fine, neither am I, ahaha. There's no need to know all the game's lore and history to read this. There's like what, 800 pokemons now ? Whoo geez, I just catch all the pokemons that look nice and straight grind through the whole game. There was a time I fought an electric gym with 3 waters because I was like heck yea toaster in a bathtub and stuff. I got through eventually. LoOK IT'S FINE.

About this run

All in all, I was just feeling nostalgic. This whole stint might not be long, or it might not be anything at all, but, you know, I just want to see them again.